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Hey, guess what’s great? Semester eight!

Posted by on Sunday, January 19, 2014 in Academics, Art, College Life, Communications, General Information.

It only took two weeks for me to remember I had a whole lot of blogging to do. And of course, I can’t miss out on my very last classic semester preview post. Yes, that’s right dear readers. I am already two weeks into my final semester of my undergraduate career. I am in a constant fight with panic and hyperventilation.

The great thing is, I am taking some seriously awesome classes this semester. The weird thing is, I am not taking a single English class because I am done with my English major. What? How did that happen?

While I continue to marvel at the rapid passing of time, here’s a list of what I’m taking this semester:

1. CMST 243: Cultural Rhetorics of Film–This is my last Communications class, and it’s focused on a history of celebrity culture. We’ll be talking about how stars and celebrities came about and what our fascination with them says about our culture. We also have a couple of film viewings for the course and a lot of really neat projects.

2. CS 101: Programming and Problem Solving— I’m taking an engineering class! This one is purely for fun, which if you’re like most people, will cause you to think I’m a little crazy. But I’ve always wanted to know more about coding and I’ve never been able to stick with it long enough to teach myself, so I figured this class would be a great way to give me a jumpstart. I’ve already made a few programs in Java (the language we’ll be using for this course) and it’s actually incredibly fun. Seriously, I’ve already done my homework which isn’t due until Tuesday and that normally never happens…

3. ARTS 120: Photography 1— This is another for fun class–we’re doing black and white film photography. We’ve been learning how to shoot film and use the darkroom facilities in our studio art building and it is so cool! I took digital photography in high school, but this is definitely a completely different experience and I’ve loved it so far.

Look how artsy I am with my film camera. Photo credit goes to fellow blogger Ashlin.

4. HOD 1700: Systematic Inquiry— This is the final class for my minor, Leadership and Organization. It’s all about learning how to evaluate research and ask the right questions to form opinions on things. Really interesting, and our professor is awesome.

5. MGRL 235: Advertising Studio— This class is with the same professor I had for Creative Advertising last semester and was created to fast track Vanderbilt students into Miami Ad School by giving them a lot more work for their portfolio. We actually do some of the same briefs for projects as students at Miami Ad School, and we’ll be skyping with professors there as well. It’s basically an even more intense version of Creative Advertising and I already love it.

As you can see, I’m pretty much beyond enthused about all my classes this semester. Which is fitting, since it’s my final semester here at Vandy–it might even be the best one yet.

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