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I’m feelin’ 22.

Posted by on Monday, December 9, 2013 in College Life, Family, Movies, Nashville.

This year, on November 22nd, I celebrated my 22nd birthday! Since I’ve written about my birthday celebrations in the past, I figured I’d take a moment to share about my golden birthday.

This year, my birthday happened to fall on the same day that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was released. So, on Thursday, November 21st, a group of friends and I ventured to the 11pm premiere (yes, it came out an hour earlier than it was technically supposed to be released) of the movie at the nearby Green Hills theatre. I was extremely excited, particularly because that meant that it would officially be my birthday during Catching Fire. Too cool.

Our group at Catching Fire.

The movie did not disappoint–there’s generally always a movie premiere of some sort the Thursday before Thanksgiving, and so it was fun to keep up the tradition and go again this year. The adaptation of the book was fantastic, and I’d highly recommend it. My friends also broke into a rousing rendition of happy birthday in the middle of the theatre’s lobby, which was fun and only mildly embarrassing. We returned to my dorm where my suitemates and I had a dance party in my room, which they had filled with balloons. They’re the best.

So. Many. Balloons.

Then I slept, and awoke later in the day to head to my history discussion section. After that, I finished packing and flew home! So, I got to celebrate my birthday with my family in addition to my Vanderbilt friends. All in all, an excellent day of festivities–and another amazing year has flown by.

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