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Sips N Strokes

Posted by on Thursday, November 14, 2013 in Freshman Life, General Information, Nashville.

Last night, my freshman hall reunited at Sips N Strokes to paint the Nashville skyline.

I lived in Sutherland on Commons and LOVED my RA, Kirsten. She was a senior when we were freshmen and even got married the summer after she graduated and invited us to her wedding. Her husband is in Physical Therapy school and is going to complete rotations in South Carolina, so they’re moving to be closer to their families there. Kirsten facebook messaged all of our hallway a few weeks ago to plan one last reunion. When she suggested Sips N Strokes, a bunch of us jumped at the opportunity.

Getting set up

For anyone who doesn’t know, Sips N Strokes is a type of art class where you bring your own wine (since we’re seniors or older, we’re all 21!) and the instructor teaches you how to paint a certain picture. We purposefully went last night because the subject was the Nashville skyline!

Action Shot

I warned all my friends that I have zero artistic ability, but I was actually pleased with my painting at the end! The instructors showed us how to paint certain areas and then let us tweak ours or add different colors so they all have a unique look. It was a very low-stress environment (except for my friend who’s an art major and actually carred about the exact colors and measurements) and non-judgment zone. Not to mention we all got to talk and catch up during the three-hour class. I’ve kept in touch with a lot of girls from my freshman year hall (I still live with one!) but there are some I haven’t seen in a while (especially my RA who graduated) so we all loved meeting back up and having one last hurrah before Kirsten moves and we graduate (wait, what?).

Finished Products!

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