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Towers Dinner Date

Posted by on Sunday, October 27, 2013 in College Life, General Information, Housing.

About a month ago, my roommate and I discovered a note on the door to our suite. It was written in calligraphy and printed on fancy paper, and invited our whole suite to dinner. The boys who live across the hall had realized they knew everyone on our floor in Towers (like Victoria, Caitlyn, and Ashlin) except for us.

Obviously we were flattered by the invitation but noticed that the date they had chosen was during Parents’ Weekend. We found our prettiest Vanderbilt thank you notes and wrote a response suggesting another date. This led to notes being exchanged for the next few weeks as we tried to find one night that worked for both suites. We eventually settled on this past Friday, October 25th.

The boys’ suite had already created a menu for the night (including salad, two courses, and dessert!) so we brought over Halloween candy (which probably sounds lame but we were excited to try what the boys were cooking). Their suite had borrowed a table and silverware from another suite so we could all sit together and get to know each other. We went around the circle and talked about our majors, hometowns, and favorite restaurants in Nashville. We joked about how now we can talk to each other in the elevator and not just look at our phones.

Even if I don’t end up hanging out those guys again any time soon, it was so sweet of them to cook dinner (which tasted really good) for six total strangers simply because they wanted to get to know us. Nights like last Friday remind why I love Vanderbilt so much and the compassionate, caring people who go here.

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