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James Franklin was there.

Posted by on Thursday, October 31, 2013 in Academics, Blog, College Life, Football, General Information, Nashville.

Dear readers, yesterday my life was changed for the better.

You see, yesterday, the one and only James Franklin retweeted me.

I may have ran around and squealed a little bit when this happened. Maybe.

Let me give you a little background. I’m currently in a class with fellow blogger Samantha called Creative Advertising and I absolutely love it. We have assignments each week and on last Thursday we were assigned a two-week blog group project. Samantha and I, of course, decided to be partners for the project. We both come to the table with extensive blogging experience and are also a little social media obsessed, so we felt ready to take on the task.

A photo with the man himself and fellow blogger Caitlyn, back before I started photoshopping his face into historical events.

The goal is to produce a blog that either gains the most hits or is a really great idea, or some combination of the two. We could spend a lot of time coming up with an idea or try and get something out right away. Samantha and I decide to attempt to shoot for both quality and quantity and thus “James Franklin was there.” was born. (Click that link and I will love you forever and potentially get a better grade. Oh, and tell your friends. #selfpromotion) We got some posts up and moved into phase two.

Next, we developed a marketing plan. Goal 1: Get James Franklin to tweet about our blog. Not only did we achieve this, we achieved it twice. That’s right, today he retweeted someone else (who I don’t even know) who posted about it. Samantha and I might be well on our way to some mild internet fame.

The moral of this story? I think there are several: James Franklin is awesome and people rightfully love him. Vanderbilt classes create some crazy cool projects and some fantastic experiences. Samantha and I are basically internet famous.

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