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Posted by on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 in College Life, Communications, General Information, Pre-Med, Student Life.

I thought that I would never see the day. I actually got into medical school. The University of Florida College of Medicine called me yesterday morning to notify me that I have a place in their class of 2018. I nearly fainted when I heard the news.

Now, I guess I should use this as an opportunity to apologize for my lack of consistency on the blog this semester. I have been traveling a lot for interviews, so I have been missing out on the typical campus activities that I generally frequent.  I was also superstitious and did not want to share my experiences until I had some success to report. And finally, I have some success!!

I have wanted to be a doctor since I was 8, and because of this, it never occurred to me that pre-med was not a major. When I got to Vanderbilt, I realized that I could major in anything from English to cello performance (if only I had any musical talent). I decided on Communication Studies because I thought that it would provide me a general skill set that I would not get from my science classes. I also found the rhetoric classes interesting and was intrigued by the opportunity to learn American history in this context. At first, I was a bit worried about my decision to major outside the hard sciences. To my surprise, however, my unique major has been welcomed at all of my interviews. The interviewers are always astonished by my ability to balance different subjects and the bits of Presidential trivia that I have picked up in my CMST classes.

Vanderbilt also provided me with opportunities to learn and serve outside the classroom. I shadowed in the The Vanderbilt Clinic- Pulmonology division, and volunteered in Dr. Richard Peek‘s GI lab. I spent my summers volunteering in Latin America, and Vanderbilt connected me with Manna Project International, through which I worked in Guatemala for a month.

I am so lucky to attend a university that prepares its students so well for post-graduation life. I really believe that Vanderbilt helped make me the well-rounded, attractive student that gets into med school! (Yay for me! Sorry to be tooting my own horn here, but it is an exciting day!)

Me and Dr. Albert Gator

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