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Posted by on Monday, September 23, 2013 in Academics, College Life, Exams, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life, International Student.

I guess the title says it all, I OVERSLEPT! I woke up today around noon , which meant missing three lectures. Yes, it felt very bad. I had to put my clothes on in three minutes and run to Buttrick Hall to catch my 12 o’clock class.

This is not something I am particularly proud of, specially since I have three thousand alarms to wake me up, and I usually do wake up. I have back-to-back classes from 9 am to 2 pm and I usually wake up around seven to catch a decent breakfast.

What happened this time was the result of the past week. It was my first round of tests and so I was desperately trying to catch up with everything: classes, homework, piano practice, org meetings and social life, which is possible! But now as I recall, I’ve been going to bed around 3 am each night and waking up at 7. NOT ENOUGH SLEEP.  Plus, I woke up early during the weekend for Vanderbilt Student Government training. So today, my body decided to force me into sleeping. Yes I’m blaming my body… not really.

I guess this is what’s great about being in college, you get to learn from your own mistakes. Now I realize that I need to cut my body some slack. I need to get sleep to function well enough to wake up! It’s good to push yourself but it’s also good to rest, eat well and have fun!

College is about the experience, and time management makes it  productive, fun and worth every moment!

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