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Back at it

Posted by on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 in General Information.

What up world (and all my faithful followers). After a great summer in New York City, I am back and kickin’ it in good old Vandyland. A LOT has happened in the past two weeks since arriving back on campus, so let me fill you in with the highlights!

1. Classes-Last year I got really really wrapped up in my philosophy courses and ended up *almost* finishing my philosophy major (one class left to take!). That being said, I still have a handful of classes left to finish for my second major in communications studies. So-this semester I am taking a grand total of four communication studies classes; Rhetoric and Civic life, Public Speaking, Rhetoric of Social Movements, and The Rhetoric of U.S. Religions. All of the classes I have taken in the communications studies department have been enlightening and wonderful, so I am positive this year will be no different. As of right now my favorite class is Rhetoric and Civic life, which looks at public discourse and the duties and prerogatives of citizenship in society. What is most interesting about the material in this course is the connection it has with ancient philosophy, the philosophy of language, and logic, all things which I have studied (and found fascinating) in the philosophy department. I am also taking French 101 (yay AXLE)!

2. Residential Life-this year I am living with five of my wonderful Sigma Nu brothers in a six person towers suite. Towers is (in my opinion) the best place to live on campus as an upperclassman, as it is in close proximity to almost everything. The College of Arts and Science is close is a five minute walk, it is near greek row and the athletic facilities, and theres a 24-7 munchie mart in the basement…so yeah.

3. Clubs on clubs-I am really excited to be back singing with my acapella group, the Dodecophonics! I really missed singing while abroad, so I am excited for a great year with them. The first Friday back at Vanderbilt we performed at the Spotlight concert, a concert designed to showcase all of the AMAZING performing arts groups here on campus (and of course get all the freshers to come out and audition)! The Dodecs now have two new members in our group and a bunch of shows lined up for the semester, so I am positive it is going to be a great year!

I am also giving tours again and working part-time job in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions! The admissions team is one big family, and I really missed them and my job while abroad. Now-how many people can say that they missed their jobs? :)

It is also really great to be back with all of my brothers in Sigma Nu! As a fraternity we have a lot of fun and exciting events coming up. For example, next Friday we are having a philanthropy event called “Warrior Dash”, which is going to be like sort of like tough-mudder (and other types of obstacle courses) in which students will compete. The week leading up to the event, we are placing donation bins all around campus for students to donate their extra sides (from munchie mart for example) so we can then package them and ship them off to soldiers across the world. All of the money raised from the actual event will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Other than this, not much new and exciting over here! My goal for the semester is to spend the little free time I have trying to get off campus to explore the wonderful city of Nashville! Now that I am a senior a lot of my friends have cars, so it is much easier to get out and explore! For example, this past weekend a bunch of my friends went down to the gulch to get sushi and then we went to East Nashville for concert.

“Senior year we rule the school”-me.

A selfie of my friends and I at the Black Student Alliance's "Back to School Carnival" bouncin' around.