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Posted by on Saturday, August 17, 2013 in General Information.

If there is any reason to cut your summer vacation a little short and mosey your way to campus, Tour Guide training is it. I’d be the first one to tell you that I usually dislike orientations. Massive amounts of information easily overwhelms me and long presentations usually bore me to tears. It was a sweet change to get to participate in Tour Guide training this year. Sure, I would be lying that we didn’t get a binder brimming with so many tip sheets that, as soon as I heard them, they all blurred in my mind.

But, being a part of Tour Guides, really does open a lot of doors (no pun intended…fine it was). It still suprises me how few people I know, even as a junior in college. Though we lost the high stakes Tour Guide Olympics, one of our break activities, our team did kick butt at gummy throwing! I even got to meet someone from my hometown! Unheard of :)!

Although, I still am quite unprepared to lead tours, our executive members and Admissions team made us all feel at ease. The wealth of information is meant to be a resource, not something intimidating. I came away feeling that the core of being a tour guide is conveying your experience and making the tour something that people can connect with. I am insanely excited to be in this group and can’t wait to be a part of prospective student’s college process!

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