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The Black Out

Posted by on Sunday, August 11, 2013 in Athletics, College Life, Football, Student Life, Traditions.

17 Days. Only two and a half weeks until the greatest time of the year. Football. On Thursday, August 29th, Vanderbilt Football starts off the SEC season (greatest conference in the country) with a Home game against Ole Miss.

James Franklin has announced that the game will be a black-out.

So don’t let down James Franklin, make sure you wear your black to the game. AND, if you aren’t following our fearless leader on Twitter, you are already making a huge mistake and ought to rethink your priorities. Follow James Franklin and receive daily inspirational messages from coach himself. Like this one:

or this:

Ok, I’m done with Coach Franklin tweets. Going back to the SEC opener. First, it is a big deal because the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss Rivalry is our second longest continuous football rivalry after the rivalry with the Orange team out to the East. And secondly, with both Vanderbilt and Ole Miss being up-and-rising programs, this game, to some extent, determines the momentum going forward. A loss to either of their teams would weaken the chances of making a bowl appearance which leads to negative effects to team training, attendance and recruiting. So, Vanderbilt needs to win this game as it is an important, winnable game that could push our team to give the extra momentum to upset one of the SEC giants. (I’m looking at you Georgia).

The team looks ready to focus. Austyn Carta-Samuels will take over at the helm as our starting quarterback and push on to lead us to Conquer and Prevail. With great depth in the skill positions, if the offensive line can step up we could have a very strong offense in this upcoming season. The defense continues to get stronger every year and I truly believe that we’re in for a good season.

If I had to make an early, honest prediction, it would be an 8 win season in the regular season and a 9th win coming from our bowl game.

Specifically for the Ole Miss game, I think with the home support, we come out on top 27-24. Keep your fingers crossed, follow James Franklin and be sure to come to the game black-out.

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