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And we’re off!

Posted by on Thursday, August 29, 2013 in Academics, Admissions, Athletics, College Life, Exams, Football, General Information, Grad School, Student Life.

Wow this year is off to a fast start!  We’ve now been in classes for almost a week and everything is in full swing, which apparently means sprinting back and forth across campus to all of the classes, beginning of the year meetings, and events with free food.  It’s been crazy, but the fact that I was in Rome last semester makes everything at Vanderbilt new again.  Kinda like being a first-year, but without needing a map or a confused look on my face as I walk to Wilson Hall.

In addition to all of the back to school craziness, I am also preparing to apply to Law Schools and take the LSAT in October!  That means test prep books from every company I can find that sells books and lots of time in the Center for Professional Development.  The refurbished Center holds resume critique sessions, pre-law workshops, and many more sessions for students to get help making plans for after graduation.  I went into the resume critique this week and was glad to have my resume completely marked up with changes to be made.  Having an entire office full of professionals who know what graduate schools and industry representatives are looking for in a resume is incredibly helpful.

To balance out all of this stress of course is the big home opener football game tonight where our Commodores are going to show Ole’ Miss how the new Vandy football Anchors Down!  The hard work and scrambling around of the week gets put on hold for a few hours while we all come out to support out team and black out the stadium.

If you’re not here in Nashville to watch, make sure to at least put it on TV!  I have a feeling this is going to be a game no one will want to miss!