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Snips and Snickerdoodles

Posted by on Thursday, May 2, 2013 in Extracurriculars, Music, Nashville, Summer.

Grins never disappoints :)...Strawberry Graham Cupcake...another one of my favorites...

So, finals are over. I can breathe out a sigh of relief and inhale the sweet summer air. But, one thing that I really do miss about Vanderbilt is the fact that I don’t get to eat at Grins, the vegetarian restaurant on campus. During the long summer breaks (ours is almost four months long!), I crave their vegan snickerdoodles like nothing else. With a little bit of meal money to spare and the semester coming to a close, I treated myself with some snickerdoodles post Country Music final exam. Yum! I bought a couple of extra for my parents, because the love ought to be shared. :)

My favorite place for snipping...Parlor and Juke

I also took a quick trip to my hairdresser at Parlor and Juke, which, by the way, is the snazziest place I have ever been to for a haircut. The only way I can think to describe it is “hickster”, hipster, tweaked with southern hick. Sipping my caramel iced coffee in my mason jar cup while I get my hair snipped really is an ideal way to end the semester.

This summer I will be taking classes at Vanderbilt (Global health and Astronomy) to rack up some credit hours. Also, I will be doing research at a lab and volunteering at the Children’s Hospital. I am quite excited to experience Nashville outside of the Vanderbilt bubble and look forward to writing about it for y’all to read in my posts over the summer!

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