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Relaxation Station

Posted by on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 in Creative Writing, Food, Student Life, Summer.

I’ve been home in sunny Naples, Florida for a little under a month now and I think I’ve officially recovered the sleep debt built up over last semester. Being home has been wonderfully relaxing but I’ve also reached the point where my mind is not quite comprehending why I’ve had so few things to do. That’s why I’m super excited to return to Nashville this Friday! Expect a future blogpost on exactly what I’ll be doing there soon.

The last few weeks, however, have been filled with bliss. Last semester was a little bit crazy and so here at home I have been enjoying all the things I don’t normally partake of at college. My blog post would not be complete without a list (I do love lists) of these wonderful things:

1. Sleep. I am generally pretty good at finding time to sleep at college, but at home I am an expert. I believe my first night home I slept for about 13 hours or something crazy like that.

2. Soak up the Florida sunshine. Naples is pretty much paradise, so I have been enjoying the beach and the pool while I can.

Yes, I live 15 minutes from this. You can be a little jealous.

3. Read. I’ve been doing a lot of reading for fun, which is tragically not something I often have time for at school. Like Nathan, I also plan on posting about what I’m reading sometime in the future. In the meantime, here’s what I read last summer.

4. Eat. While I do certainly find time for this at Vandy, I have been enjoying some of my Naples favorites while at home. Including Slurpees. Did you know they don’t have 7-11s in Nashville? It is the one flaw I have found in my time there.

If you have never had a Slurpee, you are missing out.

5. Catch up on TV. I’ve now officially caught up on shows I watch, and I may have started and finished the entire first season of Elementary in about three days. Have I mentioned I haven’t had much to do here at home?

I’ve loved having this time to relax, but one trait I’ve found to be relatively common in Vandy students is we love to be busy, even if it stresses us out. So I’ve been trying to make myself a little busy by writing blog posts and doing all of the above, but I’m certainly looking forward to starting work and an internship in Nashville next week!