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42 Days of Summer

Posted by on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 in Academics, Blog, Books, College Life, Creative Writing, Family, General Information, Nashville, Summer.

Per usual, I must first apologize for my conspicuously lengthy absence. Truth be told, I was bitter that my “What Will You Be” blog, which I was sure would win me a Pulitzer, wasn’t Tweeted by @VanderbiltU. Now that I’ve had a month to stew on it, and by stew on it I most definitely mean do a lot of schoolwork and not think about it at all, I think I’m over the issue and we can move on to more important things.

If you’re on Inside ‘Dores because you’re a high school student either recently accepted to Vandy or considering applying during the upcoming school year, I imagine it has been frustrating to click through post after post about how we’re on summer break, as, if my presumption is correct, you are not. Fear not, young reader – while your respite from the struggles of academia may not be for weeks to come, mine will be drawing to a close by the time you begin yours. While I will discuss the nature of my summer’s interruption (LDAC and CTLT and TOWIHFBTEOTTASSBTIDC) in an upcoming post, this one isn’t about why my break is short – It’s about what I’m doing with the time I have given to me:

This is what contemplating looks like.

Self-Improvement – As I chaotically banged out on my other blog, I recently stumbled across some index cards I’d written for myself as reminders of the attitudes I want to reflect in my daily life. If you’re interested, go take a look, but the point is that I want to use the time off from school to balance myself out and make sure I go back closer to the person I want to be. Saying college is about “finding yourself” is a disgusting trope and should never be done, but it is a great time to think about bettering yourself when you have so many new relationships and resources with which to do so.

Music – I’m not going to go back and check because it’ll further embarrass me, but I believe I’ve claimed each of the past two summers that I’d be finishing a CD, which (as you can probably guess) has not happened. This summer, though, is different. Why? Because it is. Look for a shamelessly self-promoting blog post about the DangerBears EP before I leave to LDAC in June. Also seeing Sara Bareilles again, that’s a day-maker.

Reading – Duh, reading is my favorite! While I generally make a conscious effort to detract from sleep time in order to read every day while at school, this semester functioned in a manner such that subtracting sleep time was impractical, even for me, so I only got through a few books, a paltry turnover rate for me. With 130,000,000+ books in the world, three in a semester just won’t cut it, so I have a lot of catching up to do! I plan on writing a post about my to-read list, so you can look forward to reading that (or just read a book instead).

Books all over the place!! I just found a new desk in my room today that has been supporting like 100 of these guys.

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