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My Why Vanderbilt

Posted by on Saturday, April 27, 2013 in Academics, Diversity, General Information, Nashville, Professors, Student Life.

If you’ve been accepted to Vanderbilt and still find yourself frantically struggling to decide where to spend the next four years of your life as May 1st approaches with the speed of a cheetah, I know how you’re feeling.  I sat outside the post office in my mom’s car on May 1, 2010 at 4pm, holding two different deposits, trying to make the hardest decision I’ve made to date.  A little over a year ago, I wrote this post about how MOSAIC helped me make my decision to choose Vanderbilt–but there are so many more things about this wonderful place that make me so incredibly glad that it was the decision that I made almost three years ago.

Fellow blogger Ashlin and I did some impromptu frolicking in Centennial a couple of weeks ago!

For instance:

  1. Nashville: (Hey look! It’s a list within a list!) Top 3 Things I love about Nashville: (1) Food. I don’t get a lot of the southern cookin’ back in California, and oh man, is it tasty. (2) Size. Nashville is a city of the perfect size, in my humble opinion–small enough that I can walk most places, but big enough that there is always something to do! (3) Stuff to do. Speaking of something to do, there is always some concert or show in Nashville to go see, or place to visit, or shopping to do! Literally endless possibilities, and just getting out and exploring Nashville always promises a good time.
  2. Working in Admissions: Working in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is one of my favorite things about Vanderbilt.  I love going to work every day and hanging out with the admissions officers and my fellow student workers and answering the emails of all you prospective students out there!
  3. AOII: My decision to go greek my first year at Vanderbilt wasn’t something I had always thought I would do (far from it actually, but maybe that’s for another post).  Being in AOII, however, has without a doubt hugely shaped my experience at Vanderbilt, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I have found so many wonderful friends in my sisters, and I can’t imagine my time here without them.
  4. Club Soccer: I decided to play club soccer my first year out of a sort of sense of obligation–I’d always played soccer, so of course I’d play in college too, in whatever capacity I could–but I never imagined I’d love my team as much as I do, and now I love the sport that much more because of it.  I can always count on those thrice weekly practices to both challenge me physically and give me a mood boost–our coach is hilarious, and I know I can always count on my teammates for anything.

To sum it all up: Vanderbilt’s great; I love it; best decision I’ve ever made!

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