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Sunny Saturdays…

Posted by on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 in Academics, Art, College Life, General Information, Student Life.

It has taken me this long–this long my friends–to discover that Vanderbilt’s Recreational Center has free classes almost every day! I was under the impression that you had to sign up and pay a fee. Please, do not wait like I did! Check out our Recreational Center Schedule, whether you are an incoming freshman or an old-timer. You can take classes such as Advanced Yoga, Cardio or Zumba. Sometimes…okay…I won’t lie…very often…I lose motivation and it is so helpful to have an instructor there encouraging you. I took a class from 10-11 on Saturday morning, which was nice because it didn’t impose on my casual weekend sleep-in.

If this didn’t brighten my day, the weather certainly has! Vanderbilt’s springs are beautiful, so my friend and I took a trip down to Centennial Park to scope out the duck situation. Armed with a small packet of dried Panera bread, I thought the birds would come flocking, but it seems like everyone had a similar idea and brought some more palatable snacks. Eventually, we found some pigeons that were not very picky and accepted our desiccated bread.

To finish a splendid Saturday, I got some Jeni’s ice cream at Hot ‘n Cold. This, whether you are only visiting for a day, needs to be tried! Absinthe and Meringues? Goat Cheese and Red Cherries? Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows? Honestly, you need to try it!

Yummy Jeni's Ice cream

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