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MOSAIC Weekend

Posted by on Monday, March 11, 2013 in College Life, Diversity, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life.

This upcoming weekend, two hundred prospective students will be visiting Vanderbilt’s campus. These talented high school students were recently informed that they have been accepted into Vanderbilt’s Class of 2017! Every year, Vanderbilt invites a handful of students to its MOSAIC program. MOSAIC is Vanderbilt’s multicultural student recruitment program that hosts a weekend full of activities for these early admitted students. I was fortunately invited to MOSAIC weekend when I was a prospective student, but I was not able to go. This has been one of my biggest regrets.

While I did not attend MOSAIC in high school, there are many opportunities which allow me to be involved in the weekend as a Vanderbilt student. The prospective students stay in the dorms over the weekend, and therefore have a Vandy student as their host. In addition, students have the opportunity to volunteer at different activities throughout the weekend, such as walking students to different events, transporting them to and from the airport, ushering special events, and even working at a homecoming celebration. MOSAIC provides an opportunity for Vanderbilt students to show prospective students all the great things Vanderbilt has to offer. Unfortunately, I opted out of hosting a student this weekend due to the four exams I have next week. I wanted to be able to provide my full attention to a prospective student, but that would not have been possible. On the bright side, I will be following around my friends and their guests!

Even though I do not have my own personal experience with MOSAIC, the program has made me proud of my multicultural heritage. In addition, MOSAIC motivates me to promote diversity on Vanderbilt’s campus, and to encourage the prospective students visiting that Vanderbilt is the community for them. I look forward to seeing what the MOSAIC program will bring this upcoming weekend!

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