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The Blogging Baking Buddies Bonanza Bash!

Posted by Victoria Barner on Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Isn’t that just the best title? I can’t take full credit, for I was accompanied by my ally in alliteration (Ann) in crafting it. Today, I tell you a lovely tale of three bloggers coming together to craft some delicious delicacies.

The backstory: Ann and I were tasked with making Sweet Sundays for the BCM this weekend. Sweet Sundays is basically a study break every Sunday night at 10pm at the BCM where someone makes something delicious and sweet (hence the name) and everyone gathers to consume the delicious treats and chat with friends before dreaded Monday comes around.

The chefs (all bloggers, because we do hang out in real life!): Ann, whose brilliance at baking has shown through a variety of blogposts such as this one; Nathan, master blogger and culinary champion; and myself. I personally, am not a very gifted cook but I do enjoy it. For this endeavor, however, I unfortunately contracted a cold and consequently let Ann and Nathan do most of the grunt work.

The recipe: Kiss pies!

Ann caresses a kiss pie. I capture this tender moment in a photograph.

The process: We gathered in the BCM kitchen to begin crafting our tiny kiss pies and quickly developed a method to our madness. I was tasked with using a goblet-esque glass (pictured below!) to punch circles out of the pie crust while Ann and Nathan shaped them into the wonton-looking kiss pies.

Nathan is a very meticulous kiss pie maker. He also dresses snazzily for baking.

The kiss pies were then “brushed” with egg whites and sprinkled with sugar and then baked until they were warm, melty chocolate and flaky pie crust perfection. Some of us decided to experiment with shapes, creating the following:

The dinosaur (note: actually a pony), the taco, the double lump camel hump. Caption and photo credit to Ann.

The results: True deliciousness. Kiss pies were enjoyed by all, blogger friendships blossomed and bloomed, and sweet Sundays was a smashing success!

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