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Getting my Kicks in Semester Six…

Posted by on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 in Academics, College Life, Communications, Creative Writing, General Information, Student Life.

All right, I admit, the title’s a stretch. Feel free to comment with something better. But I had to keep the tradition alive. And sure, this isn’t quite a preview since I’ve already had a full week of class–but while I’ve had a full week of class, you have no idea what I’m up to! And I’m up to many a thing! So here’s a list of what I’m taking this semester–I think you’ll find it’s a fascinating mix. And, I’m taking yet another 18-hour semester, so I’m sure you’ll hear quite a bit about the delectable busyness of this semester. Anywho, the class list:

Look at all that free time! Oh wait...Also ignore my terrible handwriting, thanks.

1.  ENGL 274: Shakespeare and Literary Theory

I am quite excited to be delving into some Shakespeare this semester because I feel it’s an area where I haven’t read as much as an English major should. Furthermore, the literary theory aspect means we’re also reading works by anyone from Plato to Freud. I’m super interested to see how these all tie together.

2. CMST 254: Organizational and Managerial Communication

This is an upper-level public speaking class which basically means it is super hardcore and terrifying. Okay, so in reality I’m actually kind of excited to be making speeches again and we get to end the year by submitting a video resume which is pretty fantastic. Maybe I’ll even let you see some of that if it turns out well!

3. PHIL 202: Formal Logic

I have the great honor of taking this class with fellow blogger Caitlyn! She took general logic and loved it, and this satisfies a Communications elective for me so we decided to take it. So far, so good!

4. MGRL 198: Corporate Strategy

This is the class I’m writing this blog post in! Just kidding, I’m always focused in class, hehe… The main focus of this course is an online business simulation where myself and two group members will be running a company for the semester. No big deal. The last few weeks are then a competition between the different groups in our class to see whose business comes out on top–I’ll let you know how things work out!

5. CMST 210: Rhetoric and Civic Life

This is another communications course that incorporates a pretty wide variety of readings and covers things on a more general level. It’s with a teacher I had in the past, so I’m looking forward to it!

6. MGRL 191: Advanced Marketing

I am so so excited about this class. I am a total marketing/branding/social media nerd–in fact, it’s what I possibly want to do after college (Are you looking for a marketing/branding/social media person? Hire me!). Basically, we get to create a company and spend the entire semester creating a cohesive and all-inclusive marketing plan. We develop the logo, establish the branding, etc. I am super looking forward to it!

If you haven’t established it yet, I’m kind of pretty excited for all of my classes this semester. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated!

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