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Bowl-ing in Nashville

Posted by on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 in Athletics, College Life, Football, General Information, Nashville, Student Life, Winter Break.

The Vanderbilt Commodores were lucky enough to be awarded one more home game to the end of the season in the Music City Bowl Game. This game was to be a historic one as it became the first time that the Commodores went to back-to-back bowl games with last year the Commodores making the trip to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl.

With 8 games already won in the season, one could call this season already a success. But, as a football program on the rise, the Commodores fought hard in the Music City Bowl for Vanderbilt’s first 9 win season since 1915.

We arrived at the stadium an hour early. The seats were worth it. Photo Cred: Katy Biddle

As a Nashville local, I had the privilege of going to the game and to watch my Commodores make history.

The game was played on the last day of 2012. A fitting way to end the year. The stadium was filled and emotions high. The Vanderbilt Commodores were matched up with the North Carolina State Wolfpack. (Their mascot is the wolfpack which is actually pretty awesome). The Wolfpack had Mike Glennon, a Quarterback regarded by professionals as a top NFL prospect in this years draft, and their pass offense was one to be feared. However, Glennon and his offense were no match for the Commodores defense as we managed to produce 5 turnovers picking off the said ‘NFL prospect’ three times.

It all ended 38-24 as our fearless leader, Jordan Rodgers (younger brother of Aaron Rodgers) led the season to a close in the famous victory formation.

The players come over to the student section to sing the Alma Mater one last time. Photo Cred: Katy Biddle

With the end of the season, we say goodbye to our seniors, our leaders on the team. The likes of Jordan Rodgers, Zac Stacy, Trey Wilson, Archibald Barnes, Eric Samuels, Rob Lohr, Richard Kent and other important players will be sorely missed. But, I have no doubt that other members of the team will step up to fill the holes left by these seniors.

The James Franklin era is well on its way, and what he has done for this school is incredible. I hope that he stays for many years and creates a dynasty. I truly believe in him and I truly believe that there is change occurring for the future of Vanderbilt football. We are currently on the right track to being able to compete in the SEC and eventhough it may take five maybe ten years to be even considered on the same level of some of the bigger SEC East schools such as Georgia and Florida, I think that with the way things are going right now we will soon be considered to be threats in the SEC East race.

Next year will be just as important as this year in building our football program. It is the job of Coach Franklin to finish up this season with a strong recruiting class and to enter Spring football 100% focused in competing against the stronger SEC schools.

Now, I would like to take the time to boast. In the beginning of the season, I created a pre-season review of the Vanderbilt football season in this post. Now, as you can see, I happened to have predicted a 9 win season at the beginning with a bowl game win and a win over Tennessee. Guess what happened this season? All three. I guess that makes me a college football guru. I will be eagerly awaiting Coach Franklin’s offer to be a part of his staff sometime soon.

This is what success looks like

But, in all seriousness. This has been a great season. I thank everyone who is a part of Vanderbilt football and if I could, I would give a pat on the back for everyone. Here’s to another successful season next year.

Happy New Years everyone and Anchor Down.

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