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Art for thought…

Posted by on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 in General Information.

It is customary for me to stroll through the Sarratt Gallery right before my classes or meals in the area. Without fail, every time, I am surprised at the powerful emotions that the different exhibitions evoke. Even though the Sarratt Gallery is quite small, the exhibitions are well compiled and each one manages to convey a distinct message.

Part of Leslie Holts' "Hello Masterpiece" collection, courtesy of Sarratt Gallery

Past exhibitions include “Hello Masterpiece”, a collection of Leslie Holt’s depictions of famous paintings which include the Japanese icon, Hello Kitty. Vanderbilt’s Art history professor Ivy Cooper commented during its opening, “Hello Kitty gets to treat art history like her personal playground… it takes an artist with Holt’s humor and formidable eye to layer such familiar references and make them say something new.”

Sarratt Gallery was honored to put the photographs of the renowned Stacy Pearsall on display. She is an award winning photographer, Oscar nominated documentarist and enlisted in the U.S Air force at age 17 to capture the experiences of soldiers in the front lines.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes to check out the current exhibition, “Prison Galleries: Imagining Justice from the inside out”. Prisoners on death row at Riverbend Maximum Security have created a variety of art pieces and the result is something that is not just interesting to look at, but, more importantly, challenging and fundamental to think about as a citizen of any country.

I will be attending the Gallery Talks and receptions for the coming exhibitions and hope to see you there!

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