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Study Spots

Posted by on Sunday, December 2, 2012 in Academics, College Life, Exams.

As an engineering student, I spend a lot of my time studying. Actually, I spend a lot of time on Facebook, talking about how I should be studying, and sitting in libraries, but it isn’t until weeks like this that I realize that maybe I should truly start studying. I had two tests this week, and four finals are just around the corner. One of the things I do to try to maintain productivity is move around campus and study in a bunch of different places. These are my favorites!

1. The Biomedical Library, also known as Biomed. While it’s only open until midnight, I am a huge fan of this place. It might be the lovely open architecture, the fact that during the day the place is filled with doctors and med students who all seem to be doing super legit work, or the huge tables which are great for studying with friends. Also, they offer 30 pages of free printing every time you go, which I regularly take advantage of.

The beautiful Biomedical library!

2. Grins. Now it might seem strange to be recommending a vegetarian cafe as a study spot, but I love doing work here. It’s also perfect for those really busy weeks when you want to eat while you work.

3. Stevenson Library. Open 24 hours most days of the week, Stevenson is great for those who pull all-nighters. It is also conveniently located near most of my classes and the comfy couches are perfect for napping between classes. There are tons of study carrolls too for intense study sessions.

4. Rand. I’ve spent the most time studying in Rand by far this semester, mostly because it’s the closest to my dorm. Now that new Rand (also called “Nand”) is open, there are so many places to study there. The new renovations have been really nice too.

Seeing as finals are so close, I’ll probably be spending a ton of time in these places in the next two weeks!

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