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Sleepless in Nashville

Posted by on Friday, December 21, 2012 in Blair School of Music, College Life, Family, Food, General Information, Housing, Nashville, Winter Break.

This is the first time all year that I haven’t been able to sleep.  I should temporarily join Insomniacs Anonymous.  Did you know that you could be so well rested that it’s a detriment to your sleep pattern?  Good, neither did I, until now that is.

Well, I was so excited about sharing about the inevitable trip to China that I posted it a day early.  Blogging was just one of many splendidly fun autonomous activities which absorbed my time, because between Sunday and Wednesday, hardly anyone occupied campus.

It was really rather cute watching my friends look slightly googly-eyed during finals week, when the fashionable question to ask was, “When are you going home for break?” and my reply would be, “I’m not.”  Their disbelief would prompt them to ask, “Aren’t you going to be alone on campus?” which was the euphemistic question for, “Survival skills… got ’em?”  Maybe that’s exaggerating it a little bit, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal.  (By the way, I love you, my caring, compassionate friends.)

My loneliness has been mollified by social media.  Also books.  Most recently, I’ve taken on “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”, a book I’ve been meaning to tackle for a while.  And it’s a book that I’ve been borrowing from Rachel, my housemate, all semester and should probably return.  Another insightful read has been one of my longtime favorites, “Calvin and Hobbes”.  Can’t go wrong with that.

Yum. Books. Love to digest them.

Running errands, accounting all I’ve spent this semester on food, fun, and folio, trying to finish up a scrapbook that I started at the beginning of the semester, mailing out and receiving Christmas things, spending time with the person responsible for Christmas and all good things, and settling down with choice movies.  It’s been a blast!

As for meals, if you haven’t figured out from my past posts, I love food.  And making it isn’t that big of a problem.  Actually it is, because one needs limitations.  And with so many lovely food blogs online, the possibilities are endless.  The local Harris Teeter is a convenient, practical boon, just a four minute, free-thanks-to-Vandy Nashville MTA bus ride away.

We were waiting for the Mayan Apocalypse...whew, we survived.

All this to say that the troops have arrived, as Blair kids have flown back into Nashville from their homes all around the country!  We’ve been engaging in a whirlwind of rehearsals, attacking problem sections and countering inconsistent dynamics and rhythm.  All that being said, the first rehearsal was much better than I expected it to be!  I was wrong about my previous post: we actually have five hours of rehearsals a day.

More on music making in the next post!

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