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Awards Show Stories: Grammy Nominations!

Posted by on Thursday, December 6, 2012 in General Information, Nashville, Student Life.

In these past few months, my tally of awards shows attended has gone from 0 to 2. What?! Last week I was casually checking my email when I noticed the VPB sent out an email about CBS offering free tickets for the Grammy Nominations Concert in Nashville. As I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, I already knew she was co-hosting, so I definitely wanted to go. I emailed them saying that I was interested and got a lovely RSVP confirmation along with instructions this past Monday.

I had originally said that I was bringing three guests, so I invited my friends Sophie, Miriam, and Emily. Today I went around 3 to pick up my tickets-and we got floor seats! Then we later came back to wait in line and as soon as we got inside, we ran/walked quickly to the front of the floor. I was so excited because we were so close to the stage! As time went on, the crowd grew and we got pushed up further and further.

We are so excited!

Before the show started, LL Cool J sang a song that I think was being filmed for a Super Bowl ad. He even had audience participation to include in the ad where we all said “Whaddup” with his song. And before I knew it, the show began! Taylor Swift and LL Cool J came up to do their introduction, during which Taylor even beat-boxed a little bit. There were so many performances, many of them from country artists. I even recognized Dierks Bentley and Little Big Town from my CMA’s experience. Since it was live TV, there was never a dull moment. Hunter Hayes sang the nominees’ songs at one point, which was cool-and probably nerve-wracking for him since he had to learn it all that day!

Our group before the show!

One of my favorite parts was seeing Taylor interact with her fans when the camera wasn’t on her. One of my friends, Martin, even put up his hands in the shape of a heart(she does this a lot) and she did it back to him! Also, after the show was officially over, Maroon 5 stuck around and played a few more songs, just as a typical concert.

Taylor Swift!

All in all, I cannot thank the VPB more for such an awesome night! Now, I’m just waiting for the day when I finally meet TSwift…

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