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Phi Lamb Semiformal!

Posted by on Thursday, November 8, 2012 in College Life, Extracurriculars, Greek Life, Nashville, Religious Life, Student Life.

This past Saturday was one of my favorite weekends of the semester. My sorority, Sigma Phi Lambda (the Christian sorority on campus) hosted our annual semiformal!

I have attended our semiformal in previous years and had a great time, and this year was no exception. However, this semester was a bit different because I was in charge of planning the event. I am serving as Vice President of our chapter this year, meaning I oversee the planning of all of our formals and parties as well as rush and our new members. We decided to do things a little differently this year in that rather than having all of us come in dresses, we made the dance Western themed!

We held our dance in one of the large open rooms at West End United Methodist Church, which is right across the street from Vanderbilt. I had a great time decorating the room and it was so awesome to see the room transform into a Western paradise. In addition to having amazing decorations, we also brought in line dance instructors to teach us a few dances. We learned two individual dances as well as a “barn dance” where we went around in a circle and changed partners. The line dancing was great because everyone got to be involved and have a good time regardless of their dancing ability.

While the entire evening was a blast, my favorite moment of the evening came when we got to introduce our newest pledge class. Each semester our new members plan a surprise flashmob dance. This semester they danced to Gangham Style and they even had costumes that they wore. It was great to see how enthusiastic they are about Phi Lamb, and their dance was REALLY good!

All in all, while planning our semiformal proved to be a bit stressful, it all paid off when I was able to look around and see people having a great time. From the great time we all had while line dancing, to enjoying the delicious homemade desserts people brought, I would say that our Western themed dance was a huge success. I can hardly wait to begin planning our formal for next semester!

Our chapter with all of our dates!
My best friend Emily (who happens to be our chapter President) and I!

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