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How to Survive Finals

Posted by on Friday, November 30, 2012 in Academics, College Life, Exams, Food, Freshman Life, General Information, Studying, Winter Break.

In exactly a week from now, I will be finished with classes and preparing for finals. Finals are stressful, and they require extensive amounts of studying. However, there are a few perks on Vanderbilt’s campus that make finals week not so awful.

Study Breaks: Everyone deserves a little break in between study sessions. This year, Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) is working together with the campus libraries to offer free refreshments on December 7th, our reading day. Coffee is a necessity during this week, and I will be jumping on any opportunity where there is free coffee. VSG offered study breaks last semester, and it was a great way to re-energize myself for FREE!

Central Library, my new home for the next two weeks...

Writing Studio: In addition to four finals, I have a final paper due. I am an avid user of the Writing Studio on campus. This campus wide service offers 50 minute sessions where you can receive feedback on your written work. While classes will no longer be in session, the Writing Studio is still available until the last day of finals. I plan to use its services as I write my last paper, and I have already scheduled my appointments. I suggest making an appointment a week or two in advance; the studio is packed around finals time!

First-Year Opportunities: Since this is the first time that first-years are taking college finals, the Commons Houses usually host a number of programs throughout the week. These programs range from discussions to free food and massages! Typically these programs are advertised by e-mail or through Common Place, Vanderbilt’s website for the Commons.

These are just three services that make finals week a little more bearable. Getting to go home (without homework!) gives me the motivation to study for my finals, but these perks provide the extra push. Best of luck to those taking finals, and don’t forget to take advantage of the resources that Vanderbilt offers, they are for YOU!

Thought I would throw in a little finals humor...

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