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The Grind

Posted by on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 in Academics, Admissions Links, College Life, Engineering, Extracurriculars, General Information.

So, the number of blog drafts I have sitting on WordPress from mid-August when school began is a little embarrassing. I had every intention of posting updates on the first week of classes, Inside ‘Dores training, Melodores auditions, and a cornucopia of other beginning-of-year types of things. Fear not, reader, for I will deliver, albeit in an unacceptably tardy fashion, the order of the day. First, though, a brief explanation of the mysterious circumstances surrounding my disappearance.

Engineering happened.

Ranger Challenge happened.

Sleep did not happen.

I’ve clawed my way back from the pits of sleep deprivation, though, because I knew that in the long run, Inside ‘Dores would need me to provide a series of excellent links and stories about people (“blogs,” they’re called).  I can start with a convenient definition list for the things that have kept me away!

Mechanical EngineeringThe study of I’m not really sure what, but it sure does have lots of homework. Really, though, I do have a boatload of work for classes, but I am beginning to feel like two years in VUSE are making me into a real engineer-to-be.

I took this picture from the middle floor of the engineering building (Featheringill) at 2am on a Tuesday morning to show the full tables of engineers.

Ranger Challenge – A physical and skills-based ROTC competition in October requiring training five mornings (read: still nighttime but we call it “morning” so we won’t cry) a week. Side effects include being sleepy during class every day and a very real difficulty climbing stairs.

Melodores – As fellow blogger Victoria so flatteringly explained (she’s my fave), the Melodores performed at Fourth Fridays last week. Normally this isn’t a huge commitment, but with five new members and the group decision to do almost all new material, we’ve really had our collective nose to the grindstone as far as practices go. Throw on some tracking on the side for the upcoming Melodores CD (be pumped for that) and you’ve got quite a bit of a cappella madness.

So, once again, I apologize for my disappearance, and I plan on making it up with some most excellent blogs in the near future. Soon to follow: Melotour 2012: The Return of Shambles, and much more!

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