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Nashville’s Delicious Restaurants

Posted by on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 in Food, General Information, Nashville.

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I assumed that Nashville’s food, while good, would never compare to the deep dish pizza and amazing variety of restaurants that I’d been raised on. Well I was wrong-Nashville’s restaurants are delicious! While I do not have a car to get to many of my favorites, I take every opportunity when my parents come to town to go out to eat. I already have my list of places to check out for parent’s weekend this weekend. Here are some of my favorites:

Arnold’s Country Kitchen. This was the very first restaurant that my family went to in Nashville during move-in weekend last year. My mom found it from the Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives show website. I loved the southern food and the waiters made us feel like family. That’s one of the things that I love about the south- total strangers are always really nice and want to talk to you.

Silly Goose. There is a reason this place literally always has a wait. It definitely fits into the Nashville’s trendy-vibe with sides like cous cous. Plus, Jeni’s ice cream, which came to campus, is next door.

Burger Up. Again, this place is super trendy yet delicious. They have all sorts of amazing burgers, plus a homemade Mexican popsicle shop called Las Paletas next door.

Urban Flats. This restaurant takes the traditional dish of pizza and makes it on flat bread instead. They also have amazing toppings (last time I went I got had one with steak and bleu cheese).

Pfunky Griddle. The premise of this restaurant is so cool! In the middle of every table there is literally a griddle on which you can make your own pancakes. You can buy all sorts of toppings and they provide the pancake batter. It’s definitely a fun take on breakfast food.

Making our own pancakes!

Even after a year of adventures, I still have more restaurants to check out. The first on the list is the famous Loveless Cafe this weekend- I can’t wait!

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