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To Study or Not to Study: that is THE question…

Posted by on Monday, September 17, 2012 in Academics, College Life, Exams, Extracurriculars, General Information, International Student, Student Life.

I am sure that you’ve heard from the my fellow bloggers about how wonderful their time watching Shakespeare in the Park, which, by the way, includes one of our great Blair students in their talented cast. It was the last weekend of Shakespeare in the Park and I REALLY wanted to go. But, with my big biology exam coming up the next week, and two more exams, two quizzes and a large project, it wasn’t actually an option. So, this weekend, I dated my Biology book. Many of you, I am sure, can relate to this sentiment.

I have always been told that the college triangle equation describes the average college student’s life. It is the law of the land, it will govern how you divide your time and ultimately, everything you do. You try and accomplish everything, you’ll get worn out and ultimately fail in one of the categories. Choose study and sleep, be confined to the daily routine of a hermit. But, my dear friends (yes…dear, because this advice is from the heart), this is NOT true. Okay, fine it is somewhat true…but who says you can have a little bit of everything?

Yes, sometimes you have to make a little bit of sacrifice. But, you’ll always have the opportunity to squish something fun in between the crazy. Sure, I had to give up the Shakespeare, but I am looking forward to watching Clybourne Park at TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center) this weekend. Sure, college is stressful but you’ve got to let your hair loose every once in a while, give your-self something fun to do, and taste a bit of the wild side (well, if you consider going to plays very wild). It’s a full package deal, not a choose two out of three gift option. But, that’s part of the fun of it! Oh, I forgot to mention, my lovely dear roommate, Cassie, who also is a Inside Dores blogger, brought me back a magical bag of mocha-caramel flavored popcorn from Shakespeare; so in my defense, I did get to ‘taste’ the wild side—which, if you are wondering, kind of tasted like a mix between drinking a holiday special at Starbucks (this is one of my favorite things about America, yet) and eating cotton candy–WILD if you ask me.

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