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Nashville Outings

Posted by on Sunday, September 16, 2012 in College Life, General Information, Nashville.

One of my personal goals for the semester was to do more things off campus. Nashville is such an awesome city, but sometimes I am too busy with school, work, clubs, and the other 1 million things happening on campus, that I forget to venture outside the “vandy-bubble”. This week was much different.

For my minor in corporate strategy I am required to take Principals of Marketing. While we have a series of homework, quizzes, and small projects, the majority of our grade is centered around a large group project, broken down into four phases. The goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for a fairly new restaurant in East Nashville, The Silly Goose. The owner of The Silly Goose came to speak to us on the second day of class to talk about the restaurant, as well as the potential marketing strategies we could use to bring more customers in. So before my marketing group could tackle this large project, we thought that it would be important to actually eat at the restaurant we were working for. So Tuesday night, the five of my group members took a fifteen minute drive to The Silly Goose, located right in the heart of East Nashville. Aside from eating at the restaurant for class, I was particularry excited to check out East Nashville, as it is the fastest growing neighborhood in Nashville. Known for great food, coffee shops, and its ‘hipster vibe’, it is essentially the Brooklyn of Nashville.

The Silly Goose

After waiting almost an hour to get seated in the busy restaurant, the five of us sat down and enjoyed our meal. Because I am a vegetarian, I am normally limited to one or two things on a menu, however this was not the case at the Silly Goose. This vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant had an array of meat and non-meat sandwiches and entrées to choose from. The Silly Goose is also well known for their commitment to use only local produce and local meats in their dishes. While my fellow classmates enjoyed steak, turkey sandwiches, and chicken, I had a delicious grilled artichoke and zucchini sandwich, layered with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese, paired with a side of couscous and mixed greens.

Animal Free Food(!)

It was simply one of the best sandwiches I have had in a long time, and there were no animals harmed in the process. My other classmates had the same positive reaction about their meals too, as we all scraped our plates clean in enjoyment. I would recommend the Silly Goose to anyone who is looking for a great locally based meal, as well as a friendly and fun restaurant atmosphere. If only they took the Vandy Card…!

Representing VU at the TN State Fair!

This Friday I also made it out of the ‘vandy bubble’ and ventured to the Tennessee State Fair a few miles off campus. I am not much of a ‘fair person’ but this fair had it all. Great food (most of which was fried), carnival rides, vendors, entertainment, and even animals. Three of my friends and I decided to buy ‘unlimited ride bracelets’ which allowed us to go on all of the rides as many times as we wanted. Considering we rode rides for over three hours, we made full use out of our $20 bracelet investments. Unfortunately the fair ends today, but I am certain I will head back over next fall! With my two Nashville outings, and a big Vandy Football win on Saturday, my week was awesome!

My friend Alexie and I about to ride the "Mega Drop"

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