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O Food, Where Art Thou?

Posted by on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 in College Life, Food, General Information, Nashville.

School has begun, but the workload isn’t too heavy yet, so I’ve been cooking and baking… a lot.  On Thursday, my friends and I threw a surprise birthday party and made bacon-wrapped teriyaki chicken, veggie kabobs marinated in lemon and basil, red velvet cake, and Oreo balls.  Then on Sunday, I enlisted the help of a few other friends to help me out with the BCM’s Sweet Sundays (free dessert at 10 P.M. every Sunday!), where we baked over seven dozen ice cream chocolate chip cookies and served it warm out of the oven with your choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, or if you were daring, orange sherbet.

The angry face picture from the birthday party. You can see the remains of the feast on the coffee table.

If you are ever hankering to cook your own meal, whip up a dessert, or throw a party, here’s a list of places where you can buy your ingredients.

Off campus

A very cheery group munching on ice cream and cookies.

Harris Teeter– a nice little grocery store on 21st Avenue past Hillsboro Village.  You can walk there or take the bus.  It’s a little pricier, but you can sign up for a VIC (Very Important Customer) card to receive their weekly deals.

Piggly Wiggly– a grocery store down on West End, which is easy walking distance from the bookstore, Bread and Co, and Moe’s.  I would recommend walking there with a friend, and they are also a bit on the pricey side.  After all, location, location, location is key.

Kroger– a grocery store that I haven’t yet been to.  I hear that it is less expensive than Harris Teeter, but you have to drive to get there.

Target- a super store which not only houses a variety of foods, but also all the supplies you may want on hand with which to make your feast.  Every once in a while, Vanderbilt will provide shuttles there on Saturday, just check your VSG emails.

Costco and Sam’s Club– wholesale stores to buy your every need in bulk.  Personally, I like Costco better because they have free samples and I can basically eat lunch there.  It’s awesome.

Soft ice cream chocolate chip cookies.

On Campus

Vanderbilt’s Farmer’s Market- this is located right outside of Langford Auditorium!  I haven’t been here yet in fear that my wallet might shrivel up because there are so many fresh, natural foods here.  Samantha and Mary Kate have been regulars though, toting around their refillable glass bottle of fresh chocolate milk.

Morgan Munchie Mart– If you are desperate for ingredients and do not wish to trek a far ways to obtain ingredients or if you have extra Meal Money, you can head down to the basement of Morgan and check it out.  They have a surprising number of things, from eggs and bacon to cake and brownie mixes, but at a high price.

Anyhow, there’s an Inside ‘Dores meeting tonight, and this will be the first time that I officially meet all the other Vanderbilt people in the wonderful world of blogging!  So excited!

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