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My Yearly Arm Workout

Posted by on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 in College Life, Family, General Information, Nashville, Student Life.

Being a soccer player, I don’t do much in the way of arm-muscle-building.  I often refer to my arms as “limp noodles.”  I’ve come to think of move-in as my yearly arm workout, and this year, I got an extra dose of arm exercise.

On Friday, my sister and I loaded up the car and drove from her house in Nashville to Vanderbilt to move me in.  After about six hours of rearranging furniture in our Morgan 4-person apartment, we finally settled on an arrangement that maximized both space and functionality (this was arm workout, part one).  After relaxing for a few hours, we realized a flaw in our arrangement–I couldn’t open my desk drawer.  Another two hours later and we finally arranged the furniture in a way that I could actually use my desk.  I unpacked some, and was beyond excited to spend the night hanging out with my newly-reunited friends!

Saturday–arm workout part two–move crew.  I woke up at an insane five forty in the morning (which, if you think about the time change from California to Nashville, really felt like three forty in the morning!) to move in the class of 2016!  The early wake-up was totally worth it (although I may or may not have considered napping around eight thirty, but was roused by my friend and made it all the way to the end!), and I loved seeing all of the smiling faces of first-years and families alike as the seasoned pros (that’d be us non-freshmen) flexed our muscles and did all the work.  (You sit, we lift.)

We Move You!

All in all, it was two days of arm muscle flexin’, and while my arms were sore the next few days, I’ve reaped the rewards–a fantastic living space and 1600 new Commodores!

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