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Posted by on Sunday, July 8, 2012 in Academics, College Life, Summer.

My summer has finally begun! I know it seems a little late, but I can finally relax! I took the MCAT on Friday afternoon, so my summer studies are officially over.I’m going to be honest. The exam was pretty miserable. I really have no idea how I did but I am hoping for the best. I know that I tried my hardest and did everything that I could to prepare. So now, in addition to playing the waiting game, I am soaking up the sun and enjoying my family and friends that I have essentially been ignoring for the past two months.

In case you were wondering, my education at Vanderbilt was vital to my success on the MCAT. Granted, I don’t know my score, but I can tell you that most of the content on the MCAT was covered in the pre-med science courses. There was only a small amount of biology- mostly anatomy, actually- that I had to teach myself. Moreover, Vanderbilt has helped to instill a work ethic within me that I did not have in high school. I guess it is because the classes are more challenging, and the overall attitude at Vanderbilt is one of success. Whatever the reason, I will be forever grateful to my professors and my peers for aiding in my preparation.

I do still have about six weeks of summer left. So, on Wednesday, I am leaving for Lima, Peru. I will be staying with a host family and volunteering in a free medical clinic. That is pretty much all I know about my trip so far, but I expect to learn a few more details about it tomorrow and I will be sure to post again before I leave!

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