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Packing it All Up

Posted by on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 in College Life, Dining, Freshman Life, General Information, Housing, Summer.

This weekend, I started packing up my dorm room. Packing is bittersweet- I have loved my first year here, but I am excited to go home and relax over the summer. From packing up some of my stuff today, I have learned a few things about what to bring and what not to bring to college. Below is a short list.

  1. T-shirts: I love t-shirts, so I brought of lot of them to college. However, most of them just stayed in a bin the whole year. As soon as you get to Vandy, there are a ton of events that give away free t-shirts. In addition, you can get t-shirts from the organizations that you are involved in. Overall, you only need to pack about 10-20 t-shirts from home to bring to college.

    The t-shirts I collected during my first week of college.
  2. Vacuum: My roommate and I both did not bring a small vacuum to college, and I regret it. From time to time the room can get pretty messy, and the floor and carpet need to be cleaned. I brought a small brush and pan, but a small vacuum cleans up the mess faster and better. I always have to find a friend on the hall or my RA to clean the floor, and it can be inconvenient. Investing in a portable vacuum makes cleaning your dorm room fast and easy!
  3. Food: This sounds a little insane, but I suggest not bringing a lot of food to college. First off, freshmen get a three-meals-a-day meal plan. That might not sound like a lot, but it is A TON of food. I would bring extra sides (such as granola bars, goldfish, etc.) back to my room and place them in a container under my bed. The extra sides from meals, along with the food my mom constantly sent me (thanks mom!), made my stash grow from a small bin to three huge storage bins full of food. In my opinion, it is best just to bring a few of your favorite snacks from home. The Vandy meal plan will take care of the rest!
  4. The Basics: This might sound a little ridiculous, but don’t forget to bring the things that your parents usually buy for you at home, such as soap, toothpaste, etc. Trust me, I forgot soap when I came in August, and I moved in four days before everyone else in my dorm! Luckily, there were two soccer girls down the hall that lent me a bar. If you somehow forget, the Munchie Mart on Commons and the CVS store on 21st Avenue both sell toiletries and are a short walk from all of the freshmen houses!

Overall, I have enjoyed my experience on Commons and am sad to go. I cannot wait for next year though. With one year of the college experience under my belt, I am ready to come back and make my next year here even better than my first (and I will be a more efficient packer!).

My room halfway through the packing process. I must say, it gets messier before it gets cleaner!

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