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Adventures in Kentucky

Posted by on Thursday, May 17, 2012 in College Life, Movies, Summer.

Two Thursdays ago, I took my last final, said my goodbyes to all of my friends (except two), and set off for Kentucky.

If you’ve read my bio, you know that I’m from California, not Kentucky.  So obviously I wasn’t going home just yet.  Victoria, Shilpa and I went to Shilpa’s house in Kentucky so that we could go to the Kentucky Derby! (see Victoria’s post for Derby details.)

We got to Shilpa’s house in Prospect, KY Thursday evening, and after settling in, went to dinner at a mexican restaurant, and then settled in for a night of Friends watching and puppy chow-making.

our delicious puppy chow snack!

On Friday morning we went to the movies to see The Lucky One (It was great.  I’m a sucker for Zac Efron (don’t judge), and this movie made me melt.), and then after a tasty lunch at Steak ‘n Shake we went derby dress hunting!  We had a great day of shopping, and we all found dresses! (While looking at T.J.Maxx, I may or may not have tried on one of these.)  Friday night, the plan was to work our way through a disc of Friends, but we watched Lockup (a really intriguing show about prisons…) instead.  I may or may not have had a nightmare that night because of it…

Then it was Saturday, and that meant Kentucky Derby time! We had so much fun! Once again, see Victoria’s post for the details.  After a long, hot day at the Derby, we drank glass after glass of water, ate Derby pie, and (no surprise) watched Friends!  Sunday morning we left and headed back to Nashville, where Victoria and I have been having adventures ever since.

It was so fun getting to go home with Shilpa–it was an excellent way to wind down after a long semester, and it made it even better that I had more time with my friends before we had to say goodbye for the summer.

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