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My Vanderbilt Top Five

Posted by on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 in Athletics, College Life, Food, General Information, Nashville, Student Life.

It’s that time of year, again! Seems just like yesterday that I was making that HUGE decision. If you’re a college senior, you know exactly to which decision I’m referring. Whether you loved Vanderbilt on your visit, hated it on your visit, or haven’t visited at all, I would be willing to bet that you would love it here if you decide to ANCHOR DOWN! Below is my Vanderbilt Top Five.Narrowing my list down to five was extremely difficult. I could gush about Vandy all day, every day. But here it goes:

1. Logistically, Vanderbilt is in a prime location. It is a ten-minute ride to the airport, where you can catch a direct flight almost anywhere. Vanderbilt is less than two miles away from downtown Nashville. This makes great internship opportunities, restaurants and concerts all easily accessible. Did you know that Vanderbilt is literally one street over from THE Music Row? I didn’t, until I got here and ran into Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton.

2. Food. Vanderbilt Dining is great. I am thinking about having them cater my wedding (Just kidding…kind of). We have so many fresh on-campus options. Vanderbilt dining is also extremely accommodating to vegetarians, gluten-free, organic and kosher diets! We eat like Kings and Queens, and in the rare event that you get sick of on-campus food, Taste of Nashville allows us to use our meal plans at over 30 restaurants in the area!

3. Athletics. Which NCAA conference has won the last six BCS Championships? Which NCAA conference is home to the number 1 overall seed in this year’s basketball tournament? Which NCAA conference had multiple teams in last year’s College World Series? If you guessed, the SEC, then you’ve guessed right! At Vandy, we get to see some of the best athletic talent, and all for free, because Vandy students get in free to all athletic events by showing a valid student ID.

4. Wi-Fi everywhere! Vanderbilt is pretty technologically advanced. The entire campus in one, big Wi-Fi bubble. This is really convenient because it allows me to study, play and, most importantly, blog from anywhere on campus! (Also in the tech sphere, all dorm rooms have free cable. That’s five HBO channels and four ESPNS, just to name a few).

5.There are so many ways to exercise both on and off-campus. Since coming to Vanderbilt, I have found a new love of running. I don’t think that I could run a mile before college, but the runner’s spirit is contagious. I think that Nashville has more runner’s per capita than any other city (but don’t quote me). And, if running isn’t for you, there are tons of free classes at the Rec and the Commons Center also has a work out room that is open late.

I love Vanderbilt and I know that you will too! IT’S GOOD TO BE GOLD!

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