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Vanderbilt Career Center

Posted by on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 in Academics, College Life, Internship, Jobs, Vanderbilt Internships.

So I’m currently in the midst of applying for summer internships and I have found the whole process to be rather stressful. The Vanderbilt Career Center has been an awesome resource for me and has lessened my anxiety significantly.

The Vanderbilt Career Center offers several services to Vanderbilt students that can ease their job or internship search. Recently, I made an appointment to have my resume critiqued by a career coach. They provided me with excellent feedback and my resume is now ready to be sent to potential employers. They also offer critiques for cover letters, which I intend to utilize in the coming week. Finally, they offer mock interviews, which I plan to take advantage of before I interview with potential employers.

Additionally, the Career Center offers several services to connect students with employers. I am currently signed up for the policy and non-profit list-serv so I receive emails about internship and job opportunities in these fields. They offer the same service for a variety of career domains. Students can also find potential job opportunities on Doreways, a job search engine designed specifically for Vanderbilt students. Additionally, the Career Center offers several on campus recruiting fairs, in which students can network with the HR representatives from a variety of organizations. Overall, the Career Center is an excellent resource for all Vanderbilt students regardless of whether they are looking for a summer internship or a post-graduate job opportunity.