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Spring Classes

Posted by on Friday, January 20, 2012 in Academics, Professors.

Stevenson, where I spend most of my time

It’s weird to think I’ve only been back at Vandy for two weeks, because I already feel like I have my routine set—which is good considering I finalized my schedule only a week ago. So far, I’m pretty happy with my picks:

  • Organic Chemistry—I hate to let my nerd show, but Orgo is fun right now! We’re reading NMR and IR graphs to determine the structure of a compound from a given formula. It’s kind of like a puzzle and, as I joked to my friend in class today, we get to act like detectives (wow, I really am a nerd). Also, I was assigned to the same bay and TA for Organic Chemistry lab which is definitely helpful since I know how the TA likes lab reports etc.
  • Biology—I know I’ll regret saying this later, but Biology is easy right now. First, we covered G-protein coupled receptors and second messengers, which I still remember from my awesome AP Biology teachers in high school. Today, we talked about the endocrine system and hormones, which I find really interesting, but I learned about it last year in Neuroscience and even more in Human Sexuality—thank you Leslie Smith (my professor for both and my adviser).
  • Abnormal Psychology—This is the class that I enrolled in late and only heard of because some sisters are taking it. Originally, I was going to take Philosophy of the Natural Sciences but I quickly learned I am not a Philosophy person. I then sat in on a few different Neuro classes, but this seemed to fit my schedule best and have the most manageable workload. This class only meets on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I’ve only actually been twice so far (I signed up late and then we had Monday off for MLK day) but it’s super interesting so I know I’ll be able to balance it in my schedule.
  • Development of American Theatre—Last semester, I took Fundamentals of Theatre, which was a class of about 30 students and obviously taught the basics. This class, though, only has 15 kids and we’ve already gotten more in-depth with theatre’s ability to document history and the feelings of each time period. We also have a big group project either dealing with The Liar or The Children’s Hour, the two plays performed by VUT this semester. We start it pretty soon, so I’m excited to get more involved in the theatre department and meet more of the students in that class.

I’ve been lucky and don’t have too much homework this weekend, so I’m going to take advantage of that and hang out with my friends I didn’t get to see during recruitment. Have a good weekend y’all!

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