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DORES dominate in SEC play (and the Magic of Memorial)

Posted by on Monday, January 16, 2012 in Athletics, College Life, General Information, Student Life.

This Saturday, the Commodores men’s basketball team improved their record to 13-4 with their win against the Georgia Bulldogs. They also remained undefeated in conference play, with a record of 3-0! As you may already know, Memorial Gym is extremely unique. It used to be a theater, so the court is actually an elevated surface, as if it were a stage. The front rows actually go beneath the court, which allows to get even closer to the action. Further, the benches are at the ends of the court, as opposed to along the sidelines. This makes it hard for coaches to communicate with their teams and sound does not travel well.

Memorial Gym has many facilities attached to it. During halftime of yesterday’s game, the men’s baseball team signed autographs in the practice gym. There is also a museum-like tribute to former Vanderbilt basketball greats in the lobby.

My favorite part of Memorial Gym is it’s prime location. I live in Branscomb Quad, and Memorial is right across the street. Basically, basketball games have become my study breaks. It’s so nice to be able to just stop by and support my Dores, even if it’s only for a half. On game days, the campus is full of excitement and support, and I love being right in the middle of it all.

The Commodores play next on Thursday, January 19. They are traveling to Alabama to take on the Crimson Tide. Keep your fingers crossed and cheer them on as the look to extend their winning streak and perfect SEC play.

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