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One Of Those Weeks

Posted by on Saturday, November 5, 2011 in Academics, College Life, General Information.

Hey there, reader. Long time no talk. If you’re wondering why, I’d like to direct you to my friend, the Vanderbilt School of Engineering. We’ve been hanging out a lot this year, and when we’re not spending time together at Featheringill or Olin, I generally go and spend all my time working on improving our relationship (read: HOMEWORK).

Between the continuously increasing amounts of work I’m doing for vital and difficult classes and the time I’m spending being a cadet, I’m finding that my stress levels and caffeine levels are escalating as my sleep time decreases. This brings me to a few points I’ve been meaning to write about:

1. My schedule:

Circuits 1, Thermodynamics 1, Dynamics, Linear Algebra, Computer Recording Technology, Principles of War/American Military History. They’re ALL SO MUCH FUN!

2. My scheduling troubles:

Because of AP credits, I ended up a little bit ahead of the recommended engineering sequence. However, because Vanderbilt can be a spiteful taskmaster, several of the courses I was planning on taking next semester and had charted out in my handy-dandy 104R form are NOT offered in the spring semester. Lesson learned: Read the catalog thoroughly before you plan out your schedule.

Anyhow, I imagine I’ll be seeing you soon, reader. Until then:

Fall foliage at the Commons.

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