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Home for the Weekend: Lotus Festival

Posted by on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 in College Life, Fall Break, Music, Student Life.

This weekend marked my first and only trip back home (the wonderful Bloomington, IN) until the end of the semester. And what a great weekend it was: international music, dancing, and home-cooked meals! Oh my!

Home to Indiana University, delicious ethnic restaurants, a all-day breakfast joint with goldfish in the bathroom (proof below), and wonderfully awesome people…Bloomington, IN will always have a place in my heart!

Luckily, this weekend was not only my brother’s birthday weekend, it was also the weekend of Lotus Festival, an annual international music festival in my hometown. We drove up Friday night, studied Saturday day, and then indulged Saturday night in some Polynesian Drumming and Dance, Swedish hip-hop, and Columbian electronica hip-hop! And you thought Rites of Spring was diverse!

The weekend was great! Phenomenal! Unforgettable!

And I definitely loved seeing my family. Especially since I wouldn’t be visiting again until Winter Break since over fall break I’m going backpacking in the Smokey Mountains! And over Thanksgiving Break I’m going to road trip out to Utah with a car full of friends to climb some spectacular rock formations at an area called Indian Creek. So I really needed to savor this one weekend back home…and what a success!

But still it was nice to get back on campus, I still had homework to do after all!

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