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Farm to Fork!

Posted by on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 in College Life, Dining, Nashville.

Last night, I had the best meal ever of the year at the second annual Farm to Fork Dinner, which was held on Peabody Lawn. This event celebrated local Nashville farmers and Vanderbilt’s effort to support small businesses in the dining industry. It was awesome!

There is actually a large movement in the Nashville community in favor of supporting local businesses, especially in the food industry. Vanderbilt also makes a genuine effort to support this cause. All of the coffee on campus is Bongo Java, a local fair trade company. Vanderbilt also supports many local bakeries, by stocking our munchie marts with local baked goods, and farms, by serving organic local produce.

Farm to Fork opened with a reception on the lawn complete with shots of Butternut squash soup and local homemade bread spread with elderberry jam. We were shortly directed to sit at long tables under hanging lights. We ate family style. Salad, organic pork and chicken, local grown sweet potatoes and apples and zucchini was passed around. Conversation was flowing and the food was delicious.

The meal ended with Apple Bread Pudding and Sorghum Sauce. This was actually one of the best desserts I have ever tasted, and I like to consider myself a dessert connoisseur.

Dining, you win. Any chance that you make Farm to Fork a monthly thing?

Photo credits: Lucie Calderon, a true foodie.

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