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9/11 at Vanderbilt

Posted by on Monday, September 19, 2011 in College Life, Student Life, Traditions.

A week and a day ago, America remembered the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center on their 10th anniversary. To many of us, even those just starting college, the idea that this tragedy took place ten years ago is startling – It is ingrained in our national memory vividly and deeply. Vanderbilt took time from its busy schedule of classes and extracurricular events to honor the memories of those lost on September 11, 2001 in a number of ways. At 7:30 am, a small flag-raising ceremony began the day in a fittingly somber mood; saluting the flag while a Blair student played Taps over the otherwise very quiet lawn was a powerful moment. An Interfaith Memorial Service at Benton Chapel and a Moment of Silence Ceremony on the following day accompanied the flag-raising as small campus tributes to the Day of Remembrance. Importantly, however, Vanderbilt also holds the 9/11 Weekend of Service – A weekend over which a multitude of student organizations participate in a variety of service projects on campus and in the Greater Nashville Community. Seeing the way that  Vandy students came together last weekend to remember something as profoundly sad as the 9/11 attacks and the fact that our campus’ response is to serve and help others is a testament to both the university and our national character.

A joint ROTC/NROTC Color Guard observes a Moment of Silence.

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