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Summer Send-Off

Posted by on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 in College Life, Freshman Life, General Information, Student Life, Summer, Traditions.

Every year, the week before school begins, Vanderbilt alumni chapters around the country hold Summer Send-Off parties. These gatherings bring together current Vanderbilt students, alumni, family and friends in order to welcome new students to the University. The Send-Off gives these new students (and their families) their first taste of the amazing Vanderbilt community.Yesterday, the Miami Summer Send-Off was held on Miami Beach. There were about 15 first-year students and their families in attendance. There were also about 15 upperclassmen and a handful of alumni. We all chatted and mingled. I actually knew three of the incoming freshmen, and I didn’t even realize this until I saw them at the party.

All of the first-year students seemed extremely eager to begin their college experience. All of the returning students were excited to get back to Vandy, and all of the alumni were envious of the current students because they missed Vanderbilt.

The Send-Off was a great way to end the summer. I will be arriving in Nashville on Thursday and moving in early Friday morning!

See you in Nashville!

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