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Freshman Forget-me-NOTS

Posted by on Saturday, August 6, 2011 in Academics, College Life, Freshman Life, General Information, Housing, Parking, Student Life, Weather.

Packing up for the first year of college is overwhelming.  For one, you’re excited to (finally) be out of the house and on your own.  Classes are better, friends are better, and life is just a lot more fun.  But, you face the prospect of packing up everything you’re going to need for a year and taking it to a different city.  Plus, Vanderbilt does not allow freshmen to have cars, so it’s not like you can just head over to Target and pick up whatever you forget very easily.  Here are a few things I found indispensable to my freshman year:

1.  Bedside shelf

I bought a shelf from Bed, Bath & Beyond that hooks onto my bed frame to hold my alarm clock.  Many freshmen have their beds lofted (at least for the first few months), which can make it very difficult to tell what time it is.  I tend to throw things across the room when I sleep, so I decided I’d better not have my phone in my bed at night, so this shelf provided the perfect solution.  I could tell what time it was when I woke up and would not miss class, but was not in danger of breaking anything


2.  Raincoat and Umbrella (and maybe rainboots)

It rains a lot in Nashville.  Full disclosure: I’d complain about any amount of rain, but still.  You’re definitely going to want a lightweight raincoat to wear, plus an umbrella.  Believe me, a hood does not keep your face dry.  The water runs right down your face and lands on your collar and you just feel uncomfortable and look weird all day.  The umbrella, however, does not keep your whole torso dry like a raincoat will, so try both in combination.  Rainboots are also really popular with girls.  I have yet to find a pair that look masculine, are comfortable and fit my enormous feet, so I just walk around with wet shoes all day, but if anyone finds any that meet those requirements, please let me know.

If only this came in my size.

3.  Nice Clothes

True story: my freshman year roommates (I had a triple) did not bring many nice clothes.  Meaning, they did not bring dressy belts, shoes other than tennis shoes and flip flops, or long sleeved polo shirts.  During your first week or so, you have several events where you have to dress up.  Don’t be unprepared and look awkward.  Also, don’t expect to mooch off your roommate for at least the first couple weeks.  It just sets a bad precedent and makes you look like a slacker.  You’re not going to spend your whole freshmen year in jeans and t-shirts, believe me.  Be prepared to dress up on occasion.

4.  Slippers

Those tile floors get unfortunately chilly during the wintertime.  You don’t really want to have on shoes all the time while you’re studying, but if you don’t, your feet might get cold!  I had some nice slippers I would wear around my room.  Plus, when I went to friends’ rooms down the hall, I could just slip them on and not have to bother with shoelaces or anything.

5.  A Rug

See #4.  Recap:  Floor gets cold.  Do whatever you can to keep those toes warm.

There are probably a million other things I should be reminding you to bring, but don’t worry.  Everyone forgets something, and it all works out.  Just get excited for your first day at Vandy!  It’s going to be here really soon, and you should be pumped for it.

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