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Back to School

Posted by on Thursday, August 25, 2011 in Academics, College Life, General Information, Professors, Student Life, Teachers.

After two days of classes, my nerdy side is coming out again. I love my classes.

Yesterday I had Theatre 100: Fundamentals of Theatre first, and we played a name game to get to know everyone. Our professor Christin Essin is new to Vanderbilt and we discovered we’re both from East Tennessee! Then I had Biology 110 (which is basically the pre-med Bio) and felt like I really understood it since I actually took AP Bio in High School (as compared to AP Chemistry).

Today, I had my first Organic Chemistry lecture and while it was a little overwhelming, the practice problems have already helped. Lastly, my favorite professor Leslie Smith is teaching another course this semester called Human Sexuality and the first day was already hilarious. I feel like I have a nice balance between pre-med classes and fun classes that fulfill AXLE requirements. Of course this week I didn’t have any labs so my schedule had a lot more free time then normal but I still think my 14 hours are perfect. Knock on wood…

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