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Summer’s Start

Posted by on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 in General Information, Summer, Vanderbilt Internships.

Since it now June, and I have been home for a few weeks, I think the fact that I won’t be returning to Vanderbilt for another 2 months is finally sinking in. Coming home has been wonderful and relaxing, but I am definitely starting to miss the hustle and bustle of Vandy life.

However, summer is an awesome time to do something new and adventurous. Currently, I have friends who are studying or are a part of mission trips in East Asia, Spain, Zanzibar, Namibia, Guatemala, and more! It’s been delightful to keep in touch with them and learn about their adventures, and I’m already excited to hear their stories upon our return to Vanderbilt.

As for myself, I’ve opted to stay in Naples for my first summer home from college (as an only child, my parents are very happy about this decision). However, through Vanderbilt, I have an awesome job! I’m working for a company called Revolution Prep through their Ivy Summer Management Program. This program essentially gives me the chance to run my own SAT/ACT prep business right here in Naples. I’m marketing the business to local schools, and then also teaching and tutoring the students myself. I’ve already been learning a lot about running a business, and I’m looking forward to hopefully sharing more of what I learn through this program here!

I found this program through information sent out to Vanderbilt students and interviews and training were conveniently right on Vanderbilt’s campus. So far it has been an awesome opportunity to gain business knowledge, educate and help prep students for the SAT and ACT, and be able to stay in my hometown!


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