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More Study Breaks!

Posted by on Friday, April 29, 2011 in Academics, College Life, Food, General Information, Nashville, Student Life.

Studying for finals can get pretty boring/intense/repetitive, so I try to make sure I take sufficient breaks to maintain sanity.

Wednesday night, for example, the gang had scary movie night (I don’t know when we became such scary movie fans…) and watched Final Destination 3. Then, last night we dressed up and took group pictures for our Mayfield project. We even trekked to Cohen Memorial Building so we had a classy backdrop. Today, I convinced my friend from Belmont to take me to Chick-fil-a since she has a car and I had a craving. Of course, all of my Southern friends who have actually heard of Chick-fil-a wanted food too so I took orders and brought back some delicious food. The outing was the perfect break because I got to catch up with my friend but not waste too much time since I have my Neuro exam tomorrow. Finals week has actually not been that bad for me, though Calculus isn’t until Monday (knock on wood).

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