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Easter “Family” Dinner

Posted by on Monday, April 25, 2011 in College Life, Dining, Diversity, Food, Freshman Life, Student Life, Summer.

Yesterday was Easter, and because most of us will be leaving Vandy in a week or so, not many people went home for the holiday. That’s not to say we didn’t take a break from studying and spend it with loved ones, though.

Around 4 o’clock, Victoria, Jason, Charles and I ventured to Hillsboro for a “family” dinner. Since many restaurants were closed for Easter or at least not serving food at our random timing, we ended up at Zumi Sushi. Now I know sushi is not really what comes to mind when you think of Easter foods, but when you’re a car-less, cheap college kid, you learn to make do (not to mention sushi is delicious anytime of the year). At dinner, we talked about our summer plans and developed a to-do list for the next year or so. Since we’re all from different cities, some of us have missed out on local attractions or just random activities that are necessary for our personal growth (haha).

  • Dollywood—Growing up in East Tennessee, I’ve always loved Dollywood. Yes, it’s the closest (mini) amusement park to Knoxville but it also has great music and culture. We’ve come to embrace the country accents and funnel cakes and just enjoy the experience. When I learned that Jason had never even heard of Dolly Parton (who is also GREAT about giving back to East TN, even creating the Dollywood Foundation Imagination Library), I added this destination to the list immediately.
  • Six Flags Over Texas—In case you can’t tell, I love roller coasters. This particular amusement park happens to be a few roads away from Victoria’s house in Fort Worth, so when I visit her (Hey Mom, can I go to Texas this summer?), we’re going to be first in line for Titan.
  • Swimming—At dinner, we discovered that Victoria never actually took swimming lessons and Jason doesn’t know how to tread water (which I thought was a basic human instinct). Starting tomorrow, we’re heading to the Rec Center pool to help them out.
  • Disney World—Everyone needs to go to the happiest place on Earth at least once, so we plan on accompanying Victoria on this rite of passage. This trip will obviously be the hardest to organize so it has a longer deadline, but rest assured, we will all have visited this magical place come graduation day.

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