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Apply to Become an Inside ‘Dore Blogger!

Posted by on Sunday, April 17, 2011 in Academics, Admissions Links, Blog, College Life, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life, General Information, Nashville, Student Life.

If you read our blogs and love them, and live vicariously through them, then know that you also love Inside ‘Dores Bloggers. And if you go to Vandy, or are coming here in the fall, or you are thinking about applying to Vanderbilt…you probably should consider becoming an Inside ‘Dores Blogger yourself.

Who are we?

Our group, cleverly called Inside ‘Dores (inside information about being a CommoDORE) is a little-known program linked with the Undergraduate Admissions Office. We absolutely love Vanderbilt, and want to tell our readers (that’s y’all!) all about our lives as Vandy students. We are recruiting right now (accepting applications through April 22) and will be recruiting this fall as well. For you future freshmen, we will be recruiting at the organization fair held on the Commons during the first week of school- this way we get all of you talented freshmen thinking about it!

What does blogging entail?

Our blog posts are usually 200-300 words and describe fun (and appropriate) weekends, sporting events, service projects, classes, etc. Students must blog at least 8 times a semester and any more than that earns them gift cards to different vendors. Bloggers will also be able to move in early next semester and attend training in late August!

How do I apply?????

To apply, answer the following questions and email them to All responses are due by Friday, April 22 at 4pm.

1. The question that every perspective students wonders: Why did you choose Vanderbilt?

2. Write a short bio about where you’re from, what activites you’re involved in, random facts about yourself etc. (Check out samples)

3. Write a sample blog. It can be about anything relating to life at Vanderbilt and should be approximately 200-300 words. If you want to look at examples, head over to our blogs…

Inside ‘Dores is an awesome program that lets you share you experiences at Vandy with the world. If you’re going to be on the computer anyway, why not get paid for it?

If you have any questions about being an Inside ‘Dores blogger or the application, feel free to post them on the Facebook event, e-mail them to, or ask any Inside ‘Dores blogger!

Personally, I love blogging. I am on the Exec Board, along with Seth Johnson, Eileen Robinson, Ryan Higgins, and Victoria Barner, so if you want to get to know us (we’re pretty cool) I suggest you apply today :)

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